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Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio.


Leonardo Di Caprio



So what do you think about this great actor of our generation? Let me tell you- if you don’t like him, you haven’t watched all of his movies closely. I would suggest watching them again, see how he gets into each character he plays,  whichever it may be.

One of the finest actors of our generation, he has done justice to every character that he has portrayed. Starting acting at a very early age, he caught the attention of many with his awesome performance in What’s eating in Gilbert Grape, This Boy’s Life & The Basketball Diaries. Robert De Niro, having really impressed by Leo’s work in This Boy’s Life, later recommended Leo to Martin Scorsese, who teamed up together 4 times to give us 4 brilliant films- Gangs of NewYorkShutter IslandThe AviatorThe Departed. And their 5th collaboration is coming up with The Wolf of Wall Street.
In his latest interview, Marty has mentioned some very nice things about Leonardo.

QYou’re teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio for your fifth film together: The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Marty: “Yes, we are. I first heard about Leo from Robert De Niro. He told me in passing, ‘I just did this thing called This Boy’s Life with this kid named Leo DiCaprio. He’s really good. You should work with him some day.’ And he rarely says that. He’s always really kind about other people, but he rarely says I should work with somebody. I saw What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and I didn’t realize it was him and he was terrific. And then of course Titanic. I thought he was very good in that. So when the word came around that he liked my movies, and his participation in Gangs of New York was able to get that movie made, a very special relationship started.”

Q: What makes it so special?
Marty: “We’re a different generation, but he goes in the same places that I want to go. He’s not afraid to go there. He’s not afraid to deal with that part of himself and that’s interesting. We have a different context, we grew up differently, but I think we speak the same language emotionally and psychologically. It’s very lucky.”

Ain’t that a great compliment by one of the finest directors of all time.

So far, Leo has acted in about 8-9 biopics. Seems like he is the guy for portraying such figures. He brings them to life. Also, who can forget his fine performances in Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Catch Me If You Can, J. Edgar & The Great Gatsby.  It’s a quite a surprise that he hasn’t won an Oscar yet. But at this point he is the most deserving candidate for an Oscar in Best Actor category.  And he is gonna get one soon.